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Let your lips shine bright while shielding the sun


With a hot summer ahead it’s time to start the search for the best sun shielding products. If you’re hitting the beach wearing a shiny gloss, take into consideration that glistening and luminous lip wear attracts more UV rays. Take care of your lips by wearing a non reflective product or one containing SPF factors this season.

Bobbi Brown offers multiple lip care products that have intense eye-catching colour while keeping your lips smooth and protected. If you like a little shimmer but aren’t one for colour, try the Clinique SPF gloss wear.

YSL and Chanel have also added SPF 15 into a beach ready lip collection which would be a perfect purchase to add to your summer day essentials. Laura Mercier carries vitamin rich lip balm which is not only SPF 15, but also contains antioxidants which can shield environmental harms from the lips. A hot gloss on the market this season is Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster SPF 15. The easy-squeeze tube and non-stick wear make this gloss a principal SPF beauty product to add to our favourites.

If your lips need a little extra attention and exfoliation from drying out in the heat, Sephora carries Sara Happ lip scrubs which range in fun summer flavours. They make a great lip rejuvenator and also unlike many lip products, they don’t taste too bad!


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