Natural Formula, Israel’s leading hair care brand, is proud to announce their four best-selling hair care collections have arrived in the U.S. this month with three of the collections now available for purchase on Amazon and the fourth one slated to launch this summer.

Natural Formula was founded on the belief that every woman deserves beautiful hair that makes her feel confident and has established itself as a professional hair care brand that offers salon-quality products at an accessible and affordable price. Founded in Israel in 1987, the brand quickly garnered national acclaim for their selection of natural ingredients and targeted hair care lines to help women restore and maintain their mane.

“Like Israel, the U.S. is a multicultural society where women have different hair types and styles, we recognized that U.S. women are looking for professional products at an affordable price that will help them improve the appearance and texture of their hair,” said Shirly Gal-Levy, Marketing Manager, Natural Formula. “Our three decades of experience and leadership in our local market has made us experts in haircare and we understand what women deal with and are dedicated on finding the right formula that works for them.”

Their first launch in the U.S. features four of the brand’s best-selling hair care collections including:

Keratin Intense Line

This breakthrough formula is especially designed for those who have undergone straightening treatments from permanent keratin treatments or blowouts to daily heat styling. Rich in 2 types of pure concentrated keratin and a sodium chloride salt free formula, it promises to help maintain the results of straightened hair for 3 times longer.

  • Keratin Intense Shampoo (400mL)
  • Keratin Conditioner Shampoo (400mL)
  • Keratin Intense Serum (145mL)
  • Keratin Intense Mask (350mL)

Ampoule Intense Line

Created using innovative technology this concentrated treatment is designed to restore color, dry and damaged hair making it shiny and silky. It contains micro-ampoules that are activated during use releasing restorative nutrients found in a blend of high-quality natural oils. Its unique technology promises to help rebuild and repair damaged hair 3 times more effectively.

  • Ampoule Intense Shampoo (400mL)
  • Ampoule Intense Conditioner (400mL)
  • Ampoule Intense Hair Mask (350mL)
  • Ampoule Intense Serum (145mL)

Styling Cream Collection

This series of professional curl-styling creams defines and maintains curls. Women with curly hair will appreciate the product’s moisturizing ingredients that repair dry hair and deeply nourish each strand.

  • Cream & Glaze (400mL) – For styling and defining
  • Cream & Keratin (400mL) – For loose waves and curls
  • Cream & Coconut Oil (400mL) – For naturally radiant waves and curls

Dry Shampoo Collection

Understanding that women have different hair types, this collection of dry shampoos was created so that every woman can easily cleanse and refresh her hair while on the go. Two of the dry shampoos will be available in the U.S. with plans to release additional formulas in the future. All the products in this line are salt, SLS, talc and paraben free.

  • Dry Shampoo for Dry or Colored Hair – Made with rejuvenating natural Moroccan oil ideal for nourishing and moisture.
  • Dry Shampoo with Keratin for straightened or keratin treated hair – Contains a pure keratin complex that keeps the hair smooth, soft, and straight.

The Keratin Intense, Ampoule Intense and Styling Cream collections are now available for purchase on Amazon. For more information on the brand and for expert hair care advice please visit Natural Formula on the web at www.naturalformula.com.

All Natural Formula products are enriched with natural ingredients selected for their ability to strengthen the hair structure and maintain scalp health while also protecting against environmental damage and are SLS and paraben free. All products are tested and reviewed by a professional team of hairdressers before being distributed on the market. The products are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals.


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